What Is Generally Included In Home Health Care?

Sometimes there are different opinions when it comes to the question of what home health care generally includes. Ford Lauderdale home health agencies will explain to you the things that are included in home health care. The premise here is that you qualify for home health benefits and that Medicare will cover the said inclusions.

  • Skilled nursing services and home health services. These are provided to you for up to seven days a week. The time limitation must not be more than eight hours per day and no more than 28 hours per week. However in unusual cases Medicare will allow up to 35 hours a week.
  • Service and care performed effectively and safely by a licensed nurse. Medicare pays in full for what is called skilled nursing care. This is medical care that only a licensed nurse can perform. Included are injections and a program of teaching patients to self-inject. Aside from injections, catheter change, tube feedings, patient assessment and observation of patient’s condition are included. A management and evaluation of a care plan for the patient completes the service. For instance, caring for wounds that are not yet healed is part of what Medicare may cover for you.
  • Health aide and other skilled services. If you need a home health care aide with the corresponding health services, this is covered as well, according to Fort Lauderdale home health agencies. A home health aide is capable of giving you personal care services. This is very comprehensive and includes helping you when you bathe, helping you when you use the toilet and helping you get dressed. This must be related to a medical condition. If it is only personal care and nothing else, this does not qualify for Medicare home care.
  • Skilled therapy services. This is defined as physical, occupational and speech therapy services that can only be safely done by or under the direct supervision of a licensed therapist. The therapy must be reasonable and necessary for treating your injury or sickness. Physical therapy includes training for exercises to regain movement and strength to your body. Another service is the speech-language pathology that includes some exercise to strengthen your speech and language skills. Occupational therapy is also included and this is what will help you regain your ability to do the usually day-to-day activities on your own. An example is eating and putting on clothes on your own, after you have an injury.
  • Medical social services. Medicare pays in full for services that are ordered by your doctor. The order usually comes to help you with emotional and social issues that are directly related to your illness. This may include counseling or help in finding resources in the community that you live in. This can definitely help you according to Fort Lauderdale home health agencies. A doctor who has experience in dealing with such health issues will definitely help by giving the exact order that will relieve you of your present medical condition.

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